Why do I have to have so much fucking heart?

Dew-drinker, opium-eater,
I have seen your mouth transfigured
By the fragments of ancient fevers.

It was a wild, strange sound.

Honey-seeker, sun-worshipper,
I have heard the wind in white cedars
And black poplars.

It was the colour of wet narcissus.

River-walker, crocus-gatherer,
I have tasted the petals of acanthus
And Thessalian iris.

They were but circles of salt.

Bethany van Rijswijk, from ‘Opium-eater’ 
(via desanguinea)

(Source: talisman)

Everybody just needs some help, of course you can do it by yourself, but hey, let me help you with that.




If you’re a PKMN and NBA fan like I am, then you’ll love this.

Pokemon NBA, by Micah Coles.

If you weren’t a sports enthusiast, now you are! What is your favorite team(s)?


Saffron Kicks
Golden state Wartortles

I’m just overwhelmed with positivity and happiness right now. :D